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Wednesday, October 19, 2011

IN BRIEF: Wall Street Occupiers Succumb to Corporate Greed

Wall Street Gerbil In Brief: Wall Street Occupiers Succumb to Corporate Greed.  This 99% Mad Hatter is apparently a reject from the Rockette's.  Impressive leg kick nonetheless.
This 99% Mad Hatter is apparently a reject from the Rockette's.  Impressive leg kick nonetheless.  PHOTO SOURCE: Linda Rosier/News
Exclaims Tom Thomas: "C'mon, guy!  At least display some intellectual consistency and dump the Nike's for some Tom's!"

Queries the Gerbil: "Doesn't Nike run sweatshops?"

Wonders John Johnson: "What is that lady zooming in on?"

Gushes Longines: "How you doin'?!"

"I like to vilify corporations from one side of my mouth while smoking a Marlboro on the other side," stated this comely female Occupier.  Her male compatriot added, "I like to use her big fat ass as a pillow."  PHOTO SOURCE: Mark Lennihan/AP
 "Echh!" spits John Johnson. "Menthols.  I hate menthols!"

"Smoking in bed is extremely dangerous," admonishes Ben Benson.  Thanks for the PSA, Ben!

"There's nothing like taking a long drag from my Marlboro after a hard day of railing against Big Tobacco," states Tom Thomas.

"Oh, big feet!" relishes Longines.

"The ICON of Corporate Greed -- the Marlboro Man -- is alive and well in Zuccotti Park!" proclaims the Gerbil.

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