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Sunday, June 5, 2011

Netanyahu: Raw & Uncut (Metaphorically Speaking)

Wall Street Gerbil - Netanyahu: Raw & Uncut (Metaphorically Speaking).  Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu about to shake hands with Barack Obama two weeks ago at the White House.
Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu about to shake hands with Barack Obama two weeks ago at the White House.  Wall Street Gerbil reporters caught Netanyahu making an off-the-record remark that "Obama shakes hands like a limp dick."  PHOTO SOURCE: AP Photo / Charles Dharapak
Benjamin Netanyahu rejected Barack Obama's plan for peace in the Middle East two weeks ago during a press conference at the White House.  Unbeknownst to the public heretofore, Netanyahu privately tore Barack Obama a new asshole moments before the public chastisement.  The Wall Street Gerbil recently obtained a previously unreleased transcript of a private meeting between Obama and Netanyahu in the Oval Office a few minutes prior to the now infamous press conference during which Netanyahu dictated US foreign policy to Obama.  Netanyahu apparently was even more blunt in his rebuke of Obama's proposal during this tete-a-tete, as evidenced by the excerpt below:

OBA: Benjamin, my friend, it's good to see you!

NET: I wish I could say the same, Mr. Obama.

OBA: [Nervous chuckle.]  Now, now, Ben; I'm sure you mean President Obama.  After all, we are in the White House.

NET: I know what I said.  I very clearly said mister.  Seems you must have some shit in your ears.  Maybe it's spilling out from the rest of your head since you apparently have shit for brains.

OBA: Benjamin, old chap!  Why such a sour puss?

NET: What are you, a clown?  A circus clown?  Are you trying to amuse me?

OBA: Well, no, I....

NET: [Interrupts.]  Just shut up, asshole.  Let me break it down for you like this: don't let this Bin Laden shit make your head even bigger than it already is.  You need the Jewish vote.  We got you elected.  Our money paid for your campaign.  Barbara Streisand, George Soros, Steven Spielberg...any of these names ringing a bell?

OBA: Now, Benjamin, there's no need to make threats.  You know very well Israel needs American money just as critically as I need Jewish money.

NET: Then you better pick up what I'm laying down.  Go back to '67 borders?  Forget about it.  Allow refugees in?  Get bent.  Make nice with Hamas?  Really?!

[Aide indicates the press conference is scheduled to begin in one minute.]

OBA: Is there nothing you will concede, Benjamin?  You must compromise something!

NET: [Momentarily pauses.]  I'll play nice during the press conference....Just don't forget who runs the show around here.

Says Netanyahu, "Would you believe this guy asked me to christen his kid last week?"  PHOTO SOURCE: AP

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