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Saturday, April 30, 2011

Obama's Birth Certificate: EXPOSED

ObObama recently released a copy of his official birth certificate.  After careful analysis by our resident expert, one Mac Hamilton, we discovered the certificate was actually doctored.  Mac painstakingly removed the alterations, and provided what we believe is the original certificate:

Wall Street Gerbil - Obama's Birth Certificate: EXPOSED.  Obama from Mars.

That's right, folks: Obama is neither American nor any other nationality; he's from Mars!  "It's quite interesting, really," Mac stated.  "All the so-called birthers were so fixated on his true nationality.  Everyone lost sight of his planetary origin."

We contacted the White House for an official statement concerning our findings, but received no response.  Somewhat coincidentally, however, we were anonymously emailed a copy of what we believe is Obama's 2012 campaign logo:

Wall Street Gerbil - Obama's Birth Certificate: EXPOSED.  Obama is a martian (looks like Marvin Martian).
So, you tell us...who's your favorite Martian?

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